Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Table Saw Search: Carbatec

Carbatec  imports a limited selection of saws.
Only $899 with stats which aren't too bad. 1 1/2hp (the least powerful). 2.3K rpm cf 4K rpm of most other saws. 19mm dado capable (but limited by power). Cast iron top 1020x685. 110kg.

For $1195 you get 3HP. but no dado, and no flair. Not many details on this one. It is designed for an optional $699 sliding table.

Carbatec's top of the range. $3795 (similar to the SawStop contactor and cheaper than the Hammer.) 3HP. No dado. 12". 265kg. Biesemyer style fence. Rise & fall splitter. (?not a riving knife.)

This appears to be a good all rounder. Reviews are a little mixed but mostly positive. 3hp. Dado to 15mm. Cut to 78mm. 195kg. Aluminium fence. Splitter. (Router attachement isn't appealing to me.) $1895. 

Carbatec's most popular machine is the TS10L. Stu from Stu's Shed has this saw. Positive reviews. under 2K. Ummm.... and carbatec stopped selling it.... sad.


  1. I would say if you are comfortable with machines then nothing can compare to Saws made in USA. For example Oliver, Old Powermatic 66, Yates American, etc. If you are not comfortable with the power saw then the Saw Stop is a solid option for modern day saws. Just a thought.

  2. Thanks Freddy. I'm limited in what I can acquire here in Australia. Most of them seem to be older models reconfigured for 240volt that have quite a large shipping cost added. Most avaliable are Taiwanese or Chinese built. As far as I'm aware there is no distrubtor for Delta or Power-matic (though carbatec is said to stock PM later this year.)


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