Saturday, January 19, 2013

The New Shop: Arriving

Here's some photos of the new shop. I'm in the process of clearing out the previous owners mix-match shelving he'd salvaged and put to use. Striping it back to just the timber frame and iron skin. The next step will be clearing out the resident spiders and cobwebs. Then I'll take the pressure cleaner to the walls to de-dust and clean things out. (Unfortunately I did't have time to do this before moving in. So all my gear is piled in the middle and will have to be shuffled as I clean.)

The removalists were great and totally professional. They held a 'can-do' attitude despite a continued low level apprehension about the workbench. But there were no dramas. We had six blokes on scene but it only took three to safely move the bench and thicknesser.  


  1. Looks like it'll make a great shop. Is there a need to insulate where you live for a 4 season shop?

  2. Thanks for the comment Ralph. We're in our summer here and it was 44C (111F) degrees in the shed the other day and I had to stop. The industrial fan was like a hair dryer on steroids. (The temperature here ranges from -3ish to 40ish throughout the year.)

    Insulation and internal cladding or drywalling are certainly possibilities. I was considering today adding another window above where the bench will be. Another option was adding 1-3 vents in the ceiling to take out some of the hot air. (Could add skylights while I'm chopping into the roof.)

    All this will have to wait though. At present I'm stil clearing out the old stuff. After cleaning making it water tight, improving the drainage and installing electricity will be the priorities.

    1. My cellar is my workshop. In the summer it'll hit maybe 85 and in the winter it rarely goes below 53-52. Look forward to reading how you get the shop going.

  3. Congrats Daniel room to move and a hideaway to enjoy the past time you enjoy. I am glad that all went well with the movers and machines and bench. Drive way doesn't look as steep as I had figured off google.

    Slight correction Daniel on -temp we suffered -7 when there and your on the shady part of town, where as we were over the West where sun hits earlier. It has to climb the mountain first. Humidity only in November rain and floods during January, any time soon Country Music is on.

    Hope the power is a quick fix. I look forward to following the make over.


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