Monday, January 14, 2013

Roubo Ready to Roll

I haven't said much about it so far but I'm packing up shop and moving on... The biggest single item to pack up was the Roubo. Here you can see the sliding leg vises are removed. The wooden handles have been unscrewed and the chrome covered in foam secured by quick ties. The external glide wheels are removed and stored away. But for ease I chose to leave the sliding vice on the bench. The top sits on vertical tenons so I added a strap in case anyone tries to lift the top (which weights 150-200kg). You'll also note the temporary wheel mounts.

I've had the bench in operation for nearly 2 years now. (Although I never finished all the details.) Over that time it has been a star performer living up to expectations. 

It is starting to show some wear and tear. You can see the impressed marks of the pin mechanisms.

Hmmm... occasionally I use my circular saw on my hand-tool bench... not smart.... I think this section might be cleaned up to hold some vice leather...

The existing leather is looking well loved. I might free it from its hide glue and trim it a little neater. 

The move will be a good opportunity to service the bench. It will need re-surfacing and oiling, a middle row of dog holes, a tidy up on the wagon vice block, and general de-dusting / de-rusting.

Despite the Roubo's popularity nowadays... I believe this style of sliding leg vice is still unique.

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