Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Behind the Shop: The Vegie Garden

Behind the shop is a funny little piece of land; a historical anomaly.  A little strip behind the otherwise rectangular block, making in the words of a friend 'like a battle axe'. Although it looks small and useless when you measure it it's actually substantial - 17.3m x 1.85m.

The strip has had no specific purpose and has thus defaulted to an area of misc. plants and storage of timber and metal left overs. 

However, my plans are grand, for a lovely vegetable garden. I plan to enclose the entire area as a raised garden bed. With the bed 1.2m wide it makes for 20 m ^2 of useable vegie space with no loss of backyard.


  1. Daniel only thing I see wrong with this is lack of sun and frost off the fences in winter.
    Easy enough to cover and protect from birds or turn into a Green House in winter.

    You did neglect to mention it will also diminish the amount of lawn you'll have to maintain. It just weeds then.

  2. Yes. I was concerned about light initially, but it gets a surprising amount. I thought I could run shadecloth or bird netting from fence to fence easily enough. may actually be an advantage.


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