Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Planer Tune Up

The planer / thicknesser combo was an easier tune up. I purchased some new blades from carbatec (took over 2 months to arrive, despite me checking that they were in stock before ordering). The old blades I have had sharpened locally. Always a little tricky to level the three blades which are suspended by 12 springs and 15 bolts. 

Bandsaw Tune Up

The current HiFi project requires some 50mm timber resawed and machined to 18mm. Assuming the bandsaw was still in top condition after more than a year since serious use... was a mistake. The first resaw job looked like I was making shingles with a beautiful cut at the top and a wedge at the bottom. The culprits were a combination low blade tension and the lower blade guide having come loose. It was a good excuse to take it all about and give a clean. Immediate rewards from a little maintenance with the remainder of the cuts working well. 

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