Sunday, October 23, 2011

Shaker Box #2

The toy box itself was completed prior to Christmas 2010. However, it wasn’t until last week that the soft down flap stay was installed completing the project and making it toddler safe.
There’s a few differences between Box #1 and #2. 1# has a variable resistance gas strut rather than the soft down flap. 2# has dovetailed skirting boards and has been limed.
Timber: Radiata Pine. Dimensions: 800×400×480mm. Glue: Titebond III Joinery: Various, Dovetailed, Tongue & Groove, Stepped Panel and Frame. FinishFeast Watson Liming Agent, Minwax Wipe on Poly Matte, Ubeaut Natural Wax. Hardware: Zinc piano hinge (sourced from Bunnings), and soft down flap stay. (sourced from Lee Valley.)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Tasmanian Timbers Clock Complete

Tasmanian Timbers Clock
Timbers: Panels Huon Pine, Case Blackheart Sassafras, Inlay Sassafras and Ebony.
Joinery: Mitred Hand Cut Dovetails. Glue: Epoxy for the case. Hide for the panel.
Movement: Continuous Sweep from Let's Make Time Clock Company
Finish: ROS Sanded to 240. Shellac. Organoil (Tung Oil).

Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Project: Bed Restoration

It may not be my most creative project but the bed restoration will certainly be useful. These pictures show one half of the bunks I slept on as a child. Now recovered from under my parents house it needs a little work. The restoration shouldn't be too bad. The plan will be to sand back to thin varnish (and thicknessner marks), sand and round the rough routing work, lime (similar to a white stain) to match the toy chest, and apply a fresh varnish layer. Hopefully it will prove to be a simple project.

Sneak Peak: Tasmanian Clock

After a quick sand I applied the second and final layer of oil. Next Friday I'll apply a thin coat of wax in time for delivery Saturday. Better late then never...

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