Thursday, February 28, 2013

Slinging the Pallets

Unloading the pallets was a simple matter using a portable engine crane. The technique was little crude but it worked. We were very careful not to have any person or body part under the pallet while lifted, and other than for photos someone had their hand on it to steady the load. Safety first.

If I was doing it again I would look for a lifting beam or cross beam. This would allow a safer and more controlled method to center the slings and distribute weight.

How do you lift 270kg?

With an engine crane, of course. Today I took delivery of my new tools from Gregory Machinery. They arrived as two pallets and one parcel. At the depot the company used a fork lift to load the items onto a trailer, and at my shop I used a portable engine crane I picked up at Gasweld.

More to come.

Pallets on a Trailer

With the pallets loaded on a domestic trailer it was a quick trip from the depot to the workshop. It was then a matter of some careful but not too difficult driving to reverse the trailer ready to unload.





Saturday, February 23, 2013

Potter's Pal

I'm usually strict advocate against gimmicks, but just occasionally I find one I like. This is a Potter's Pal I acquired from a company called Heaven in Earth. It would make a great project for a beginner woodturner as it is relatively simple, uses little wood, is functional but yet requires a number of  techniques. 

Simple to use. Fold / divide a piece of newspaper. Roll it using the column. Fold the base in and the mould it with the base piece. Once the seeds have sprouted into little seedlings transplant to the garden and allow the newspaper to finish breaking down in situ. I'm sure there'll be a little experimenting on durability and paper thickness.

But you don't need a gimmick to make paper pots check out this clip from Gardening Australia to see how. 

GregMach Order

I received a quick email from Alan Gregory of Gregory Machinery stating my order has been processed and shipped. There were a few delays awaiting parts to arrive to them and for me to finalise what I wanted. The order should arrive in town on 2-3 pallets on Monday. The next challenge will be transporting the good via trailer to the shed and then off loading them via engine crane. Good times.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Washing the Walls

After making significant headway in the garden, it's back to the shed. A few weeks ago I ripped out all the old and odd cupboards and make shift shelving that lined the walls. After three trips to the local 'waste management facility' it was time to clean the walls.

First all the tools that couldn't be easily moved out were shuffled into one corner and covered them with a tarp. I then systemically worked from apex to floor giving everything two good hose downs. Years of dust and spiderwebs cleared out and brushed out the door. 

My Makita HW112 High Pressure Washer was out of action for a few weeks with a crack in the handle. Replaced under warranty and back to work.

The next step will be clearing out the second section and repeating the process. Then I can work out the layout and start installing machines and shelving in more permeant locations. Hopefully in the next few weeks I'll get the lighting and electricals planned out and receive my new tools from Gregory Machinery.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Busy in the Garden.

Sorry for the go slow on the blog post. I've been a little busy in the garden.

Stay tuned for a Hansa C4 Mulcher Review.

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