Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Woodscrap Bin Complete

The Woodscrap Bin is complete in the shed. I finished it with two coats of feast watson clear statin varnish and wheeled it into the shed. So far so good and shed is a lot tidier for it.  (There is extra-wood behind the bin in the photo.)

Bin 1 has offcuts of coastal black (including burls) and radiata pine.

Bin 2 has Tasmanian Mrytle (clear, figured & burls), silver ash, and silky oak. It also has some small pieces of huon pine, red gum, olive wood, ebony, purtle heart and blackwood.

Bin 3 is mostly Australian Red Cedar and some more blackbutt.

The back tray has some masonite, plywood, MDF and old templates from various projects.

Now to upgrade the workbench.

Fallshaw Castors

The woodscrap bin has been made mobile by four swivel Fallshaw Castors sourced from Specialised Wholesale & Plastics. Not a cheap option but they are Australian made, smooth and have a dust protective casing over the bearings.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Wood-scrap Bin

In a further attempt at a little organisation I've made head way on a woodscrap bin. Currently there is scattered timber leaning on the shed walls or hidden away on shelves. This timber will be sorted into the woodscrap bin or into the garbage bin. The front lip will be for the small amount of sheet goods I use.

The construction is rather simple. Initially I wanted some quality ply but instead sourced this solid pine patchwork panels which (1800x600x18). Construction is pretty simple - screws and glue. I picked up some quality castors with dust covers over the bearing... but forgot to get the right size bolts.

Will trim and roundover the edges. Still considering what if any finish to place on it.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Quick Clocks

Like many woodworkers my collection of 'scraps' and 'offcuts' was getting a little out of control - so I've decided to put some of it to good use. 

I ordered some parts from Lets Make Time and got to work. (A quick note this is my second order from Lets Make Time, parcel arrived within 24 hours of ordering, and am pretty happy with the quality of goods.) A little time with the jigsaw, drill press, rasp and miscellaneous other tools and this is what I came up with. Next week I'll sand them and used 2 layers of polyurethane finish. 

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