Saturday, January 12, 2013

Router Table Search

Woodman MS 1 & MS R2 - ?$
Gregory Machinery sell two versions of the Woodman router-table. One all cast iron with a mitre t-slot the other with an aluminium sliding table. They have split aluminium fences. Axillary switches. 2.5 or 4' dust extraction. Bout 56kg.

Carbatec Cast Iron - $329
My original preference - largely as it was cast iron and was cheap. Some reviews said the fence was out of alignment and needed work. Ticks most of the boxes and appears to share components with the woodman.

Carbatec with Sliding Table - $495
Similar to the MSR.

Carbatec with Tenoning Attachment - $849
Well reviewed other than the lack of an external axillary switch (which seems important to me.) The engineer in me likes the ideas of the dial in fence movements but I likely wouldn't use them to tenon as intended.

Kreg Precision - $599
I'm sure the Kreg is a well built and precise tool. But for some reason I feel the urge for cast iron rather than MDF.


  1. Just my opinion, but personally I would take the money that could be spent on a router table and put it towards a better (and safer) table saw. I think almost everybody can fashion a perfectly adequate router table for very little money, and it will do almost everything they need (and this is coming from someone who doesn't particularly enjoy building jigs and shop stuff). Check out Gary Rogowski's router videos on YouTube, and take a look at Rob Porcaro's almost as simple router table in his Heartwood blog -

    Good luck!


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  3. After seeing a number of router tables as above. I am of the mind that should I ever have the room for a Tablesaw it will also have built on an router top extension. I have seen three of these in other sheds and they are ideal. One word of warning tho make sure you have something supporting that end. I know of one fellow who's toes ended up under the table when he first set up the top. Quick removable if need be less room required giving more floor space over all. Fence is used off the saw table in situ. The top left in gives added table on out feed side of saw.

  4. I'd recommend the Kreg precision. Got a PRS1040 model and i never regret purchasing it.

  5. You understand that you choose to would require a good router table for anybody who is working with bigger items of wood you must hold on to if you are cutting them if you work with your router. Together with the table, you can guarantee that fewer vibrations can happen and in any act, you will reach a much nice and clean cut than what you almost certainly expecting to get hold of.

  6. I already own several Kreg tools. This table did not disappoint me at all. It can be said that, within a week they will start to understand how worth it is to buy and then will start suggesting others to get that.

  7. I also want to recommend you the same that option is to just learn how to build a router online and go for it. Spending money for it will not be a good decision.

  8. This is a good post. I am going to buy a router table. Your list look good for me. Thanks !

  9. Thanks for sharing this! I don't own a router table but I guess I am just lucky living with a neighbor who has one (and willing to let me borrow it!).


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