Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Table Saw Search: Jet

Last year Carbatec took over from Gregory Machinery for the Australian distribution rights for Jet tools. They currently sell three models.

10" Proshop 
$1599 gets you a 1.75hp open base model. 1118x686mm cast iron top. T square fence. Positive reviews on the net. Riving knife. Good price. Main complaint is lack of power. A serious contender.
10" Xacta Cabinet Saw
$2499 for the larger 3hp cabinet saw. A quick search of the net will result in largely positive reviews. Then you realise that they are for the Xacta deluxe which has been the standard version in the USA for at least 4 years. Some major improvements include most notably a riving knife which is absent on the Carbatec Model. Carbatec tells me that they will have the deluxe model for $2799 in March.

10" Sliding
An inbetween 10 3Hp model for $1799. 800x350mm top with sliding table.

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