Monday, December 13, 2010

A Clang and the Dusty Died

Today my dusty died.

I was working on the toy chests for christmas. I was cutting the curve on the base moulding with a jigsaw when I heard a clang, followed by a change in pitch of the dust extractor hum. My 3 week old dust extractor.

I cut the power and walked over to explore.

The impellar case was split... a ding in the curve... and some paint missing. 

I found this block of wood. A little big for a dust extractor... about 20cm long. (Tells you it's got some power.) I had the 4" flex hose sitting on my project next the jigsaw. It was doing a good job. Something moved and the hose fell to the ground... I didn't think much of it and kept cutting. I didn't think it would find an offcut below me.

I removed the hose mounting to explore inside. A single blade has been bent near flat.

So dusty is out of action for a while. Need a proper repair on this one.

Any tips on fixing it would be more than appreciated.

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