Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Installing the Hardware

We're on the final stages now. The hardware (metal parts) of this project include the hinges at the back and the stop which controls the opening and closing of the lid.

I'm using nickel plate piano hinges that run the entire length of the boxes. The 900mm hinges are cut to size with the jigsaw and metal cutting blade. The plow plane blade is set to the depth of half the hinge and run along box making a perfect groove.

On the underside of the lid the groove is stopped. This operation is not possible with a plow plane, and without a router plane, the ends of the stopped groove are made by multiple taps of a chisel.

With the two ends finished, there is room for the plow plane to finish the middle. The next step is careful drilling and installing the many screws.

The stops serve an important function of protecting fingers. I have three styles and are worthy of their own post... but here's a few photos.

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