Friday, December 17, 2010

Church Project

On a Sunday night you'll find me at St. Philip's Prebyterian Church (aka. St. Phils, or Surfside.) The church is in the process of moving to a new location. As part of the move I offered to make some new furniture. At this stage it looks to be up to three pieces, a lectern for preaching, a companion piece (to hold lap top, tissues, water, notes), and a small communion table.

The lectern is essentially a tilted table to hold an open A4 folder (~30cm x 45cm) at an appropriate hight for the preacher to read. Other bonuses include a microphone socket, a light, electrical connections for lap top etc, storage for water and books. Suggestions from the pastor includes 'keep it simple', 'adjustable height', and 'rustic and natural edge'.

A Selection of Lecterns from Google Images
At this stage the most likely design is a simple single column adjustable height lectern with a single XLR cable within the column for a gooseneck microphone on the table. 

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