Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tool Review: Carbatec CT-2042 1PH Truly Sucks

Yesterday I set up my new Carbatec CT-2042 1PH Dust Extractor (with the CT-2042-P Economy Pleated Filter Cartridge) which replaces the smaller 1HP FM 320 model I've had for years. This model moves nearly 2 1/2 times the air (and hence more wood chips & dust) as the smaller model (1500 cfm vs 650 cfm.) The pleated cartridge filters finer particles (3 microns vs 5 microns) with 700% the surface area leading to greater efficiency. This machine is much more appropriately sized for my 12" thickenesser. It also will allow upgrades including capacity to run large bandsaws and tablesaws and connect to 6" ducting directly from it's inlet. After doing my research I think this model represents the best value for money on the market. Hopefully I won't be proved wrong.

There's often talk on the forums about the poor service at Carbatec. However, I have to give them credit for this job. They remembered me from the last order. Gave me a discount ~10% just cause I asked. And had the product shipped and delivered within 24 hours of order. Good job guys.

motor 2hp 240v 1 phase
CFM rating 1500cfm
filter bag fitted 5 micron
filtration bag type needlefelt
collection bag type cloth
hose inlet diameter 100mm
number of inlets 2
workshop footprint 686 x 834 x 1981mm
net weight 57kg
shipping weight 62kg


  1. My experience was a little different, i went to the carbatec outlet in adelaide and found the product i was looking for, after 20 minutes of playing around with it and looking around the shop, not one person ask if i needed any help or for that matter engage me, in fact the staff for the most part were MIA. So i left in disgust and slightly annoyed because i wasted half my morning and got no were. But i didn't let that deter me. When i got home i rang head office because u know, you cannot ring any store direct you must ring the 1800 number rrrrrrrr.
    So after
    i got through the number pressing for the right department i spoke to a lady who seem a little unsure of the info she was giving me, anyway it was enough encouragement for me to go back to the store and give it another try, this time i went strait to the counter and waited and luckily enough there happen to be a guy standing there that ask me what i wanted. So placed the order and asked how long it would be before it would come in? He said about week and a half, i said ok paid and walked out of the shop. Well a week and half later i herd nothing so i sent an email to head office asking about a delivery time, the response was well useless. The person said we have received your order and it will be dispatched in the next shipment end of email response. WTF no time frame, no date, estimated, nothing. So as far as i know, i wont be receiving anything for another 2 two weeks, 1 month, 2 months when???

  2. I had the same experience in Brisbane. Waited for ages for someone to serve me and ended up walking out and driving to the other side of Brisbane to Hare and Forbes who were great.


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