Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Shaker Style Toy Chest #1 Complete, Delivered, and Filled with Toys


Timber: Radiata Pine. 
Dimensions: 800x400x480mm. 
Glue: Titebond III
Joinery: Various, Dovetailed, Tongue & Groove, Stepped Panel and Frame.
Finish: Minwax Wipe on Poly Matte, Ubeaut Natural Wax.
Hardware: Zinc piano hinge (sourced from Bunnings), and variable resistance gas strut (sourced from Lee Valley.)


  1. Love the box Daniel, you could have showed some of the toys in it LOL. Must have been a WOW look when they got that size of present only to find more inside.

  2. Hello Daniel! Were you the one who made that toy chest? I like it... the design is very simple but it is neatly done. Now I am thinking of making one too for my baby. Thanks for sharing I have bookmarked your site and come back again to check on more readings.


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