Monday, November 1, 2010

Plans for Wood Storage

I need to sort out my wood storage. The existing system of piles of timber and stickers is taking up too much room and requires a total restack if you wish to access a board on the the bottom. My design is limited by not being able to use the walls to anchor any shelving system - it must be free standing. 

Inspired by Daniel Klauder's design, here's a rough sketch of a design based on 70 & 90mm x 45mm structural pine. It's 1.8m tall, and 2.4m wide.


  1. Looks good Dan, I like the modifications. I think it should work free standing, but I bolted mine to the wall just to play it safe - mostly worried about earthquakes. It did have a small amount of flex or "play" once loaded, until I added the plywood. You could sheath the back with plywood instead of the cross bracing, and even add sheet stock storage behind it which would also counter balance the load on the front arms. I don't know how you feel about plywood, or if you even use it much (I tend not to), but just some ideas. - Dan (Klauder actually, not Lauder, not sure who started that one, but no worries!)

  2. Thanks for the comment Dan. (I've fixed up your last name in the post & blog page. Sorry bout that.)

    I had already thought of using plywood backing rather than the cross brace. I think I've settled on the design, just need to sort of some storage and christmas projects... more delays...

  3. I agree with you Dan using plywood instead of cross brace would be more perfect for the design. Though the cross brace is also okay and the wood thing makes the design more interesting. Anyway, in general I like the design and I am excited to see the output.


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