Sunday, November 7, 2010

Leg Joinery Complete

Here a a few snaps of the joinery in the legs of the Anniversary Shaker Table. The top joint is a simple mortise and tenon with slots for two wedges. The bottom joint has twin tenons to allow space for the sliding dovetail that holds the legs together. As a variation on the original design, I've opted to curve the uprights. This allows blending of the curves and makes it look a little more graceful.


The next step is to glue the joints, remove the excess timber, and start finishing. I'll admit there are a few gaps, so I'll be using an epoxy based glue for this operation.

Wedges and tennons were trimmed with a Lee Valley flush cut saw.


  1. That's pretty cool joinery on the bottom of the legs (the top too). They have a nice shape as well, especially the vertical piece which has a slight curve to the sides.

  2. Excellent work - very neatly done! Just wanted to say I appreciate the site. You have really put a lot of energy into your article and it is just wonderful to follow all your work!


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