Friday, November 19, 2010


Dovetailing the 860mm sides of the Wax Melter is no mean feat. Fortunately since my first attempt at dovetails in 2007 I have a few new toys and am no longer using tool boxes to support the sides of the piece.

The twin leg vice combination truly excels at this task. It securely holds edge side the entire length of the vice. (I did notice some flex in the middle of the pine board which required stablisation with my left hand.)  

A 2cm tail is marked every 5cm. I used the Vertias 1:6 dovetail marker, a mechanical pencil, vertias wheel gauge, and a 1m rule to achieve this. You'll note that both sides are in the vice allowing me to cut tails on both boards at once speeding production.

This is the first time I've been able to test my new Wenzloff & Sons Dovetail saw. A nice tool to handle and quick to use. 

Both sides complete.

Using eclipse blades in a stanley coping saw I removed the bulk of the waste.

I then cleared up to the waste with a chisel. I used the cut tails and a vesper marking knife to layout the pins on the corresponding board. The pins were cut using the same above technique.

One side complete. Three to go.

I do have to show some errors though. (Fortunately this project is to be painted so the final product will not be effected.)

Left: You can see the rabbet for the base board. Ideally this would be a stopped rabbet or mitred so it cannot be scene. I'm intested in about others would get around this project.

Right: In some of my earlier chiseling my chisel wasn't sharp enough and I had some resulting blow out and damage to the surface some of which will need some putty filler. 

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