Saturday, November 13, 2010

Progress on the Christmas Boxes

For Christmas this year I'm making 2 Blanket Boxes (Toy Chests for the kids) and a Wax Melter. The materials (radiata pine) and construction (dovetailed solid timber) is fairly similar so I've working on them together.

Step 1 - Purchasing the Timber

I purchased the timber (with an extra few boards) from Bunnings. Fortunately they must have had new stock in and the boards I selected were actually close to flat and without major defects or many knots.

Step 2 - The Rough Cut Battle Plan

After marking out all my cuts (with margin for error) I then rough cut the pieces using my Makita Jigsaw.

Step 3 - Jointing

The boards were close to flat from the shop. Although, I would normally still go through the processing of dressing the timber (jointing and thicknessing) this time I decided I would hand plane the faces after glue up and would use the machines to do the edges.

Step 4 - The Glue Up

With a new bottle of Titebond 3 I started on the 16 separate glueups required for the projects.

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