Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Projects for 2010

Despite it being the end of March and I'm still working on 2009 project I've been busy planning a few projects for 2010. Feel free to post comments and suggestions.

Shaker Style Blanket Box
The first project, is a Christmas present for my two nieces (1 and 4). I wanted to make them a small project, and my sister thought a blanket/toy chest would be great. The only design stipulations were the size, couldn't have any sharp corners, cant jam their fingers and they should be able to sit on it.

Kerry Pieces's book on Pleasant Hill Shaker Furniture has an article on a classic little box which will form the basis of my design. To provide a nice seat to the top, I plan to ask mum, (an avid patchworker) to make a nice patchwork cushion which can be attached by press studs epoxied to the underside of the top. I need to research hinges. Timber will most likely be radiata pine. As for finishing; I limewash and varnish.

Shaker Style Trestle Table
I have a selection of fiddleback and plain Tasmanian Mrytle set aside for this project. This will be my second attempt at a shaker style table. I learnt a few things the first time around, and am looking forward to trying some new techniques. The fiddleback boards are only 1", and will be edged with 4" of 1 3/4" plain myrtle, and re-enforced with the wood to join with the leg. I'm considering using bent laminations rather than solid timber for the curved leg for increased strength on the short grain. The chairs will be a whole other issue.

Classic Bookcase
The bookcase will be a wedding present for a friend. I plan to use more classical joinery and techniques including (mitered) dovetails, hide glue, mortise and tenon frame construction, and french polish finish. As well as modern knife hinges, and glass panels. The plan is for nice figured red cedar sides and top, plain ceder shelving, and a pale silver ash tongue and groove backing. This project should also include a secret drawer.

Drill Press Upgrade
I have a 3/4hp carbatec drill press which needs an upgrade from the ridiculous tidy table. The plan is, with inspiration from Australian Wood Review, to make a table the height of my workbench, and then make a mechanism to allow the drill to move up and down. Fun times.

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