Saturday, March 27, 2010

Reenforcing the Sliding Vice Spike

I can list the number of metal work project I’ve completed on one hand. All of which I completed at school. However, the need arose when some research showed certain components of this build required re-enforcement.

Before I glued the top, I cut a section to receive the spike from the sliding leg vice. Despite the 140mm of wood between the slot and the front, several sliding leg vices I’ve seen (including Bill Liebold's ), use metal to prevent warping of the bench front. Using coach screws I installed 3×40x40mm galvanised steel angle.

The spike is attached to the sliding leg vice. It's function is to slide in the slot below the table (now re-enforced) and to provide counter force for the vice (preventing the vice from being pulled forward and out of the bench!)
The decorative elements follow the same clover leaf and curves as the rest of the bench. Slots are cut to allow the piece to slide down, flush with the top of the bench, and then be moved up into the groove. I used a drill to cut the slots, cleaning them with a carbide router bit. (I still need to tidy the wood.)

As the entire pressure from the vice is transmitted through this joint, I used two pieces of 2x20x20mm aluminum angle, to re-enforce the joint. I used structural epoxy to hold it while I worked on it. When it is on the bench it will be bolted.

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