Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ideal Starter Workbench

On my morning peruse of lumberjocks I came across this interesting workbench by KennethW.

It's a simple wooden knockdown workbench. It offers an element of simplicity; while still having a vice of decent size, various bench holes for wonderpups/hold downs, and a bench top usable for small projects of furniture or boxes.

I assume it couldn't weigh more than 50-60kg (compared with the 300kg of my workbench.) Which would make moving this bench a little easier. My only concern is about the rigidity of the base and some flex and movement with each mallet blow.

Click for details: Knock-down workbench and wood vise

Overall though; for someone just starting out, or working in a small area and/or rental this would be an ideal bench. Two thumbs up.

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  1. Thanks for the nod Daniel! I'll try and weigh it some day, but your estimate is very close. I have to be able to tote it around the house. :)

    As for flexing, it does give a bit on the short axis because there are no stretchers. I may devise a way to add temp stretchers, but at this stage I don't want it to be even more of a chore to set up and deal with.

    In the long direction it doesn't budge, which is why the vise is on the end, as the most force will be applied when planing faces in the long direction. The weight of the vice helps to keep it from tipping at the far end too.

    However it all works out, it's a lot more reliable than my Workmate was. :)

    Thanks again!


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