Sunday, March 21, 2010

Acacia melanoxylon - Tasmanian Blackwood

Tasmanian Blackwood (Acacia melanoxylon, part of the wattle family) sets the standard in cabinet timbers from Tasmania. It's softly variegated golden to dark browns often streaked with black set an interesting but not overwhealming tone. It's white sapwood although very soft can also be used for distinguishing marks. It's grain is normally wavy to straight, and can be found with large swirls or fiddleback.

Blackwood is a pleasant timber to work. Cuts crisply, turns smoothly, and planes easily (in the right direction.)

The only area in which you may run into to trouble it's it's high silca content. This in turns means high heat production (very easy to cause machinery burns) and dulling of blades in an otherwise medium toughness wood.

It's density is ~640kg/m^3 (12%) or 870kg/m^3 (green.) Janka density 5.9.

The Bedside Tables

Click for details: Tasmanian Blackwood Bedside Tables


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