Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Handle Update

Some of you may remember a previous post, where I was looking for someone to turn the handles required for the bench. Old Pete from the Australian Woodwork Forums answered the call.

After a few emails back and forward debating design I came home to a rather nice parcel.

Not only did he turn two rather nice handles for the parallel bar pin, but also turned two alternative versions of the handles for the wheels. The timber is Australian Blackwood.

It also seems that Old Pete was right in his thoughts. He thought the handle would be a little thin at it's narrowest part. It feels right, but I agree looks thin.

Also, I had a user problem with my caliper. I measured the metal rod at 10.5mm, Old Pete read the instructions and thought it was 9.5mm... and indeed it is. Which means that the 60 holes I drilled and sanded in the two parallel bars... are too big.

Even though these are lovely turned handles, Pete informs me that they are prototypes, I'm yet to get them on the bench and get a feel for them.

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  1. Boz shame about the oversize holes a simple solution would be to fit another deeper coloured Aussie hardwood, glue it in and re-drill. If you need it turned to suit let me know.

    Ray (wheeinround)


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