Friday, March 4, 2011

Further thoughts on the lumber rack...

The idea of a new lumber storage rack has been revolving and evolving in the back of my mind for a while. To make it capable of holding medium to large slabs the current design is sizable - 0.9m deep, 2.0m tall, and 2.4m in length.

In my original post I was using Radiata Pine based on a design by Daniel Klauder. I'm now considering using Blackbutt Decking (65x19mm) to provide a thinner material and of course match the workbench. For a project this size around 100 linear meters of timber would be needed.

The main structural change to the design is the use of a second vertical post. This allows greater resistant to vertical pressure and spaced at ~165mm allows 150mm (6") ducting to be tunneled for dust extraction. In addition to this it will allow me places to mount electrical and lighting connections. 

The rack will be made in 4-6 vertical sections which will be glued and screwed. The vertical posts are made with spacers between the racks then sandwiched between two straight vertical pieces. These will then be bolted to lateral supports (4 in the current design, 3 and cross beam in the previous design.) This would allow it to be reduced to transportable parts.

Any feedback welcome.

Inspiration for the project on Daniel Klauder's Blog.
Another style rack from Julie's Blog.


  1. Thanks for the comment Julie. I remember seeing your blog post when you made it. The problem I have is that it needs to be free standing. Some people have suggested I then make it on casters... but I don't think this will be needed.

  2. Ahh, I missed that part! I think then that the strong looking "bench" you have at the bottom will be great to keep your rack strong.

    The only negative about mine is that I need another one. It holds a lot but you know how it is being a woodworker... the wood seems to multiply!

  3. I saw this first from Julie's blog post so I made one last weekend! It is really handy to have something to organize all the wood pieces instead of leaving it lying on the floor.


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