Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wax Melter: Operational

Click for details: 8 Frame Wax Melter (for Beekeeping)

The 8 Frame Wax Melter has been delivered and is now sitting proud next to my Dad’s vegie plot. The wax melts by the sun’s energy and drops through a filter into a collection tin below. The filter and tin can be accessed by a back door. The top is two layers of 1/8” plate glass. The timber is 3/4” Radiata pine. Up to eight frames are hung vertically. Due to the weight of the lid the hinges need upgrading.


  1. That is an interesting project - the first time I have ever seen a wax melter before. Although it looks simple, sounds like there is a bit of engineering behind it.

  2. Have you measured the interior temperature on a hot day? If so - what temps does the melter get up to?

    Rex S.


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