Thursday, June 13, 2013

I'm in the process of deciding on Shop Layout before locking in the electrical wiring plans. FineWoodworking make a handy shop planner which was faster than my attempts in SketchUp. 

The shop is 4.8x5.4m. Main tools are a tablesaw/ router combo, jointer/ planner combo, 14" bandsaw, 3hp dusty, drill press, large workbench, large tool chest, and the shelving. All the tools are wheel mounted.

The bandsaw and jointer/ planner combo are used for initial milling/ machining and therefore have long pieces to deal with. Hence why the bandsaw is near the door (and probably jointer should be swapped with the drill press.) 

The tablesaw/ router combo is quite large and I'd like to keep it central. 

The dusty I may move to the other side of the wall.

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  1. In your last post you mentioned LED lighting. Is this an Austrailian product? I can't find any LED lights other than for spot illumination. What kind of LED lights are yours?


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