Sunday, June 9, 2013

Further shop set up...

The old green shed is starting to look more like a real woodwork shop. The shelving is installed and going to good use. The tools are unloaded and put in their place. Various machinery settling into place. The bench positioned, wheels removed and vices installed. General tidy up and rubbish removal. (The engine crane and scrap bin in the photo is planned to go to storage.)

The shed's second section will be dedicated to storage. Ultimately I'll place a large wood rack on the wall, and move the scrap bin in here. 

Next to the shed I've dedicated an areas 1.2m x 5.6m for a raised vegetable garden bed. Because of the slope of the hill this has meant shifting a lot of soil by hand. This should be installed in the next few weeks. 


  1. It's starting to look like a shop. What is the electrical service out there? Here in the US it's 120VAC 60Hz.
    Today was the first post I got from you since March. I thought you had stopped blogging.

  2. Standard here is single phase 240v AC 50Hz 10A. I'll put up a draft electrical plan later in the week. Most of the machines require 15A plugs so the shop will require heavier gauge wire and plugs. I will also be putting in a number of LED overhead lights.


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