Saturday, February 23, 2013

Potter's Pal

I'm usually strict advocate against gimmicks, but just occasionally I find one I like. This is a Potter's Pal I acquired from a company called Heaven in Earth. It would make a great project for a beginner woodturner as it is relatively simple, uses little wood, is functional but yet requires a number of  techniques. 

Simple to use. Fold / divide a piece of newspaper. Roll it using the column. Fold the base in and the mould it with the base piece. Once the seeds have sprouted into little seedlings transplant to the garden and allow the newspaper to finish breaking down in situ. I'm sure there'll be a little experimenting on durability and paper thickness.

But you don't need a gimmick to make paper pots check out this clip from Gardening Australia to see how. 


  1. They are neat aren't they. Toilet roll tubes are great also or hand paper towel tubes.

    Time you added a lathe to the workshop I think.

    Its one thing as an amateur/hobby turner I will endevour not to do. That is production turning as a past turning club member I refused to do set assignments such as those and other in quantities.
    Although 20 pens and 10 rings I guess is a sort of.

    I prefer to do as many turners do and thats one off's, allow the wood and mother nature show the way.

    1. 'Crafted' items and mass production are world's about. I think people often for that.


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