Saturday, February 23, 2013

GregMach Order

I received a quick email from Alan Gregory of Gregory Machinery stating my order has been processed and shipped. There were a few delays awaiting parts to arrive to them and for me to finalise what I wanted. The order should arrive in town on 2-3 pallets on Monday. The next challenge will be transporting the good via trailer to the shed and then off loading them via engine crane. Good times.


  1. Just for information and thought.... I purchased a Powermatic 66 table saw amd my shop is in a basement.... The saw's (and I belive the jet model you purchasd) trunion ass. is cabinet mounted. so.... I took of the top, motor and two people were able to carry the parts down stairs. reasemble, align top add extensions done. 600ibs two people one afternoon.

  2. Thanks Joe. I'm not sure how it's packed but I'm sure it can be dismantled to allow for easier moving. I'm always impress to here people moving machines into basement shops... sure glad I don't have to worry about that.

    However, when I dismantled my thicknesser (taking iron plates off it) I was surprised how heavy the motor and case was.


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