Sunday, August 19, 2012

Organisation in Blue

Improved tool organisation and storage has been a shop goal for 2012. After debating various options I opted for the 101kg of kinchrome contour tool chest/trolley. The appeal of the unit was it has significant drawer space with a relatively small footprint. The case is sturdy, the drawers bearing mounted, and wheels allow mobility. I had a hands on look at the toolbox at the Sydney Wood Show and ordered it online from Just Tools in Melbourne.

Previously I was relying on a system of shelving and 6-7 small tool boxes, with most most important tools in this small supatool chest and stanley travel toolbox.

The top section is the largest area and fits a no 7 bailey plane. 574mm x 460mm x 110mm.

Unlike most tool chest the drawers are deep.160mm x 395mm x 40mm .

Tools can be nicely organised on the 540mm x 395mm x 40mm main drawers.

Eventually I'll install a set of wooden layout dividers to contain the tools. 

It won't fit a panel saw but 14" tenon saws fit like a treat.


So far pretty pleased with it... Now to clean up the rest of the shop.

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  1. Don't get rid of the other box you'll need it soon enough for other tools. New one looks good Dan I thought you were buying the whole kit draws full of tools etc.


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