Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New tool box.. blue and contoured.

I really need to improve my tool storage and organisation. At the moment I have a small tool chest which is over flowing and around 5 other small and irregular shaped boxes hidden around the shop. It's chaos  and it's not good for the tools. 

I asked around a few local tool shops and for a variety of reastons got no where ordering the one I wanted. So yesterday I ordered it over the net from Melbourne, should arrive in about 10 days.

Internal Space
Small - 160mm x 395mm x 40mm x 3
Large - 540mm x 395mm x 40mm x 5
Top Area - 574mm x 460mm x 110mm x 1
Small - 540mm x 395mm x 50mm x 5
Large - 540mm x 395mm x 95mm x 2
Side Tray - 175mm x 300mm x 12mmx 2

I know it seems somewhat backward to purchase this immediately after reading Christopher Schwarz's The Anarchist's Toolchest. But I wanted something that tool minimal time to arrange, take up a small footprint in the shop, and be neat and organised.


  1. Daniel a nice looking toolbox. My first large 9 draw toolbox very similar but so many years ago looks rough in comparison and after years as my main work toolbox a bit rougher. Still I upgraded I won't bore you with details you'll see when you come down. Are you purchasing the cabinet also?

  2. Lovely, i consider it as best storage tool box for my tools and some crafting stuff's..i am sure it will be secure and my kids is safe from accident if they will play with some tools.

  3. i like these tool box very cute and handy..


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