Friday, June 1, 2012

Schwarz on Sharpening

'When you pick a sharpening system, think of it as an old-fashioned wedding. You should devote yourself to one system. Spurn all others. Try to explore the system you picked in immense detail. Take good care of your sharpening medium. Keep it clean. Keep things true. Keep everything ready to go at all times. Do these things, and the rewards will be immense.'

C. Schwarz, The Anarchist's Tool Chest, p. 267.


  1. I'm a prime example of this. I started with Oilstones, and despite everyone and their dog telling me to switch to waterstones I stuck with it. I kept at it, working through the frustration until I got it figured out.

    Now, sharpening is super easy for me, and I can get it done quick and easy by hand.

    It took me a while to get it right, and I had to get a quality Arkansas Transparent stone to finally get it working. (You really do get what you pay for).

    Pick a system, stick with it, buy quality and keep practicing... It works.


  2. I wish I'd had this advice a couple years ago. Learning to sharpen is almost overwhelming - there are so many options and techniques people swear by.

    I'm still no expert, but I did relax about it somewhat once I picked a method and started *doing* instead of *reading*.

    I think I will take this advice and stop wondering if I should have picked a different way.


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