Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Shaker Table: Shaping the Bench Legs

With the (near) completion of the Christmas Boxes I've had some time to work on the Anniversary Table. Over the past two days I've worked on shaping the blanks I prepared back in October. The two benches will have three solid legs. Each leg is made of ~40mm Tas. Mrytle. The back is formed by a straight taper and a gentle curve. The front has a gentle curve to match the table leg (seen in the background.) The detail is an ellipse found in traditional design.

The boards behind the first picture will become the seat and the back rest. I am debating on including a stretched under the seat. In Shaker furniture this added strength to the 3/4" timber, but here it'll be purely aesthetic. I feel it shall balance the ellipse and the front curve to have a stretcher ~70mm from the front.

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