Monday, January 10, 2011

Metal Ducting

To access various machines and far corners of the shop I rely on the mobile base of my dust extractor. With a planned upgrade to a fixed cyclone, to avoid the hassle of moving around the extractor and to allow multiple machines to be attached, I'm planning a major ducting upgrade.

There are several options to run ducting the most common is PVC storm water piping, metal ducting, long lengths of flex hose, and all manner of home made solutions. Being my nature I chose to explore what would be the best option, and that is metal ducting. I contacted a company by the name of EziDuct which seems to offer a great product... but the quote inspires me to simplify the design.

The design is base around a 150mm (6") spine, upgrades my thicknessner manifold from 100mm to 150mm piping, and allows 2 x 150mm outlets, 2 x 100mm outlets and 1 x 50mm. Let me know your thoughts.

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