Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wenzloff & Sons: 9" Dovetail

I'm not usually one to get excited about a new high quality hand tool... oh wait... that's not true.. I am. Today I finally took receipt of what will become a prized tool in my collections, a Wenzloff & Son's 9" Dovetail Saw.

Wenzloff & Son is a family based business that produce a variety of saws based on traditional design. Although machines are used in the manufacture the process is very labour intensive. The teeth are handset and filed (sharpened) and the handle is hand finished and sanded. A serious piece of woodworking equipment.

The saw I selected was purchased from Lee-Valley and is based on the Harvey Peace original (I think). Made from Swedish spring-steel 0.020" thick, it has about 0.006" of total set to give a kerf of just 0.026". It measures 13-3/4" overall with a 9" blade and 1-3/4" cutting depth. Weighs 11 oz. Giving near exact statistics as the equivalent Lie-Nielson (the company that made my tenon saws) and slightly longer than the Adria.

It feels well balanced, and comfortable in the hand. With three projects requiring a variety of dovetails lined up for Christmas this little beauty is going to get some use.

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  1. Dan a very nice addition to the tool box I am impressed.


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