Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tenons Saws

After much debate, at the Sydney Wood Show I purchased the Lie-Nielsen 14" in 13TPI Rip and 10TPI Crosscut Tenon Saws. Out of the box these are beutiful tools. Soft curly maple handles. Folded brass backs. Clean and simple lines.

The conclusion of my research was that all the leading brands (LN, Veritas, Bad Axe, Adria, Wenzloff & Sons) are exceptional quality tools. I decided on on the LN saws because of two factors variety and avalibility. HNT Gordon only supplies the smaller tenon saws and the other brands I would have to import. I chose the 14" for personal preference as I my prefer slighly oversized tools.

Have you ever found that there are some people you just connect with instantly? It was like that for me the the 10tpi crosscut. Using this tool can be alikened to slicing fresh bread with a sharp bread knife. It easily, quickly and cleaning makes it cut.

On the other hand the ripsaw and I are still getting to know each other. When compared to my previous Stanely tenon saw this saw cut very aggressively. So aggresively it digs and jams. I found that not only do you not have to force the saw through the cut, you in fact need to ease some of the weight of the saw itself. After cutting a number of tenons for the shaker table bracing we are now starting to get along better.

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