Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Products from Benchcrafted

Despite the fact that my Roubo is technically still not finished, the temptation to start planing and building the next bench is growing. Benchcrafted have not helped the situation but announcing two new products.

The first is a shaker style bench with a wagon/leg/deadman configuration. The innovated aspect of this build is the parallel guide and wheel mounts are concealed, held within a cardboard  at the end of the bench.

The second product is a little more subtle but I think is a real winner. The wheel handles on my bench are the standard benchcrafted chrome. Benchcrafted is now set to release a cast iron model. The finish would be much tougher against the inevitable knocks of a workshop tool, and with one construction step removed (the chroming) may actually be cheaper.

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