Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dust Extraction - Cyclone Suppliers

If you are wondering why the photos of my shop were blurred... It's not a camera problem, it's the flash reflecting of the dust in the air. I admit it, I have a serious dust problem. My 1HP carbatec dust extractor is just going to cut it. In fact often it's so clogged up with chips from the thicknesser they just pile up on the floor. In the next few blogs I'll be exploring dust extractors and air filters as I try to get my shop cleaned up.

Oneida Air Systems - website - US$700-3500
Maker of the very well regarded Dust Deputy, American company Oneida Air is one of the premium names in the world of cyclones. However, they are only available in the USA. Although they could be imported there would be considerable cost in shipment and electrical compatibility issues.

Carbatec - website - AU$2000-2700
Carbatec sells two styles of cyclones in 2 & 3HP. As far as I can gather these are re-branded Taiwanise machines. The great advantage of these is I can take my trailer to Carbatec, swipe the magic plastic, and it's done. What makes me hesitant (other than cost) is that a search of the forums and google reveals little in the way of people's experience with these machines.

Bill Pentz - website - free
The most famous name in the world of cyclones is Bill Pentz. This man is regarded as a cyclone expert, who has done to the research and the maths to calculate the optimal design. Although the information is free it is at the end of the day only information and plans. I still need to gather materials and have time to build the thing. Without electrical and metal working experience, that's not as easy as it sounds.

Clearvue - website - US$1640
Clearvue is an American company that builds perspex Cyclone units and components based on Bill Pentz design. They can be imported to Australia. Apricotripper's (from the Woodwork Forums) imported and installed a Clearvue (below right) (link). There was a rumour earlier in the year that they were closing down.

Sheet Metal Fabricator
Another alternative would be to hire a sheet metal fabricator to custom build the Bill Pentz design. Although this would be expensive when compared to the high cost for the above units... it may be a serious option.

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