Sunday, September 19, 2010

A land where I am King, my Shed.

My wood-shop began its life as a humble single bay garage in suburban Newcastle. Although there's always upgrades and add-ons I'm pretty happy with it. It's organised. It's productive. I just wish I had more time to spend in it. The shop is in a constant flux of re-arrangement. Here's what it looked like in May.

I don't have many machines but want I do have is extremely useful. In this photo you can see my woodfast 310PT jointer/thicknesser combo, a small 1HP carbatec dust (so often over worked), and a carbatec drill press. The cupboard in the corner holds my sharpening equipment.

This is my shelving that holds tools and specialty timbers and medium size offcuts. The red tool box holds my hand planes, chisels, saws, and marking items. The grey box holds jigs, tapes, and safety gear. The shelf above holds sanding equipment and some power tools. Above that are specialty items (screw drivers, drill bits, die & tap set, etc) and some liquids I like to keep on hand (some danish oil, glues and shellac.)

Making use of space; a trolley makes a handy clamp rack.

The next shelf is less interesting. This is the non-house non-woodworking shelf - mainly gardening, car, and camping gear.

Unfortunately,  the laundry in this house is the garage....  In the corner you can see some trestles I found at a church spring clean. I re-oiled them and covered the tops with some scrap carpet to make some nice saw horses.

Here you can see the blackbutt roubo (still under construction). I think it was well worth while to re-arrange the entire shop so that it would be in front of the window.

Out the front I found a spot where I could store some timber. The Tasmanian Mrytle that made up the bulk of this pile has been put to use in the Anniversary Table Project.


  1. Daniel well organised well laid out and too clean, not enough projects happening. Your time is well utilised I know and am in awe of it.


  2. G'Day Ray!
    Well I have to say, with my latest pile of cedar/huon and the anniversary table half constructed, the shed is not a clean as you may think....


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