Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bench Update

Twelve months into the Blackbutt Roubo build it's still not finished, but it's getting closer. It might be a bit pre-mature but let me take you on a quick tour. 

The final dimensions are 264cm (long) x 66cm (wide) x 83cm (tall.) The top is solid at 10cm. The legs are 17cm (wide) x 15cm (deep.) As mentioned before the timber is coastal blackbutt which has a dry weight of 900kg/m3; which makes the top ~150kg, each leg ~17kg, plus the shelf, plus the vices.... I estimate it just shy of 300kg.

The static leg vise is functional (leather detail and leveling the top remains), the sliding leg vice slides (but is missing the two countersunk bolts which holds the vice to the chop), and the wagon vice carriage is installed (but I haven't installed the screw or trimmed the end cap.) 


A few details remain - leather details, a bolt or two, a tool rack, a little rounding and oil. Oh, and i was planning some detachable wheels.


  1. Dan thats looking very nice indeed amazing bench. I for see many hours relaxing making wonders for the family.


  2. Dude that is awesome!


  3. Wow, that is quite a massive beast!
    I bet it doesn't move even the tiniest bit. Unless you hit it with a truck or something.

    And beautifully built, congratulations!

  4. Dan-
    I really like the wagon vise on the Roubo, that feature makes this bench truly the best of two worlds! Great Job

  5. Now THAT, Ladies and Gentlemen, is what you call a workbench!! You could probably assemble aircraft carrier parts on there lol. Awesome piece of work


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