Thursday, June 25, 2009

Birthday Wish List - Sharpening Equipement

Tormek Slow Speed Grinder
Tormek was being demostrated at three stands at the Sydney Wood show. I have to say it's impressive. The big brother version is more expensive but has more features and is metal rather than plastic. Backed by 7 year warranty. Avalible at Carbatec.

Lobster Brand Waterstones
An alternative to the Norton synthetics are the natural Lobster stones avalible from HNT Gordon. 1000 and 6000 gt. Comparible in price, thicker stones, not as durable and needing more flattening.

Norton Synthetic Water Stones
Avalible from Lie-Nielsen are the Norton Waterstones. Unlike the natural ones these are synthetic for durability. Last longer, cost more. 1000 and 4000 grit avalible.

Diamond Stones
Diamond stones come into thier own for flattening of water stones, initial sharpening and sharpening of hard steel. DMT DuoSharp 8" Fine / Coarse Whetstone would cover most jobs. Avalible from Carbatec or Lie-Nelson.

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