Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Birthday Wish List - The Workbench

My workbench remains my major project for 2009. I've acquired the wood that I need (near 200 superfeet of coastal blackbutt, maybe more than I need.) Now it's time to choose some hardware.
Everyworkbench requires a vise, preferably two. The plan is for a standard leg vise and a sliding leg vise.

Glide Leg Vise
The new glide leg vise from looks very smooth. A recommendation from teh Scwartz. However, at US $325 + postage, these may forever remain on the wish list.

No-Name Vise
The cheapest (and nastiest?) avalible at Carbatec.

Big Wood Vise
These from BigWoodVise are classic. At AU$375 (for 2, including postage).

Vertias Workdogs

Vertias Hold-Down

Wonder Pups
Vertias products avalible at Carbatec and Lee Valley.

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