Thursday, June 25, 2009

Birthday Wish List - Measuring Gear

Above we have some Australian made squares by Chris Vesper (left) and Colon Clenton (right). There are several differences: handle - brass with wooden inlay vs. wood with brass frame, blade - stainless steel vs. brass, and special feature - support clip vs. calibratable. Asthetically Colon's is nicer but it's your responsibility to square it. Chris's support tab is quite nice. Avalible at Chris Vesper and HNT Gordon.

Sliding Bevel
Chris Scwartz recently gave good review to these little gems. The 4" would be perfect for special angle joinery and dovetailly.

Sliding Square
Chris' original square was an all metal sliding square. Handy for joinery.

Overall my choice would be: 6" Colon Clenton square (in sheoak), 4" bevel, 4" sliding square, and 10" Vesper Square. It is a wish list after all.

Marking Knife
The only vesper tool I currenlty own. Picked it up at the Sydney Woodshow.

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