Wednesday, May 22, 2013

South Side Garden

With still no power to the shop my hobby time has been spent in the garden. The south side is coming together well. I've extended the fence with 2.4m star pickets and attached 2mm wire and 100mm square mesh. On that I'm growing passionfruit, kiwiberries, blueberries and I'm awaiting my order of grape vines. The beds will shortly be fitted out with strawberries (waiting on a order of 36 plants) in the middle and cranberries to the west. Still deciding on the east side.  All plants purchased through the Diggers Club.

I've been impressed with the rapid improvement in soil in only about 3 months. I've incorporated about 240L of various manure, a dusting of blood and bone, and then about 2-4 inches home made much. After being turned a few times the soil is starting to look rich and black.  

I plan to use tallow-wood hardwood for all the garden edging. 150x25mm for garden edging including this strip and 200x50mm for the vege beds.

In this most recent photo you can see my attempts to help with the frost by using old shear curtains as covers.

The Hansa C4 has done a fair amount of work and produced some fine mulch. I've had the blade sharpened once and it's due again. I've decided a mulcher is an essential gardening tool. However I have mixed feelings about this model. Still deciding... as always probably should have got the bigger model...

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