Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Shop Layout

Keeping my tools (new and old) safe during transport resulted in a lot of packaging. With things unloaded the shop floor was littered with cardboard, metal straps, plastic straps, hard foam, plastic wrap, and bubble wrap. With that cleared out and the majority of machines reassembled I can start to think about layout.

The shop space is 5.4x4.8. Major items include the workbench, table saw (50' rails still to arrive) with included router table, jointer / planer combo, 14" bandsaw, dust extractor, drill press, and wood scrap bin. I plan to keep the metal shelving on the left. The bench on the far wall. The tablesaw in the middle. But then the tetris game gets messy.


  1. Are you going to move the bench to the left to be behind what I assume is a window?

    1. G'Day Ralph. Perhaps. My ideal though would be to close over the window. And make one over the bench twice the width of the current one.


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