Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Layout & Marking Drawer

Layout & Marking is fundamental to any woodworking project... but my layout drawer hasn't been very laid out. There are random high precision tools floating around in only poorly organised fashion.

The dividers for this drawer are more complex than the chisels. It needs to be specific yet flexible.

The joinery was a little bit of fun... and only took about 5 hours. The tenons of the finger joints were hand cut with dovetail saw and coping saw. The mortises formed with a few taps of my new H&S 1/4 mortise chisel.

A definite improvement.


  1. Nice dog leg detail for the calipers. Hand cut joinery?

  2. Not totally square but it works well. All joinery hand cut. Crosscut. Shooting board. Dividers for layout. Dovetail saw. Speed was important so a few gaps but joints fairly tight and well fitted. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Your a lucky man Daniel my situation would be much like Studleys tool box. Squeezed in tight with little room to spare...but not as neat and tidy. I try place as much as I can for ease of removal and replacement not easy due to love of tools. I am addicted.

    I am surprised with your design as I see the frame takes up so much space. I think I would have prefered the 1/2 lap joint and ply. Using the side of the tool box draw as the edge.
    A cut out shadow board type where the tools sit into a recces.

  4. Ray i see your point. The timber is about 7.5-8mm thick. I initially thought of having dividers between individual chisels until I realised that 8mm x 10 is 8cm... which is a lot to take up with wood!

    The outside frame is quite a tight fit. not much room wasted. I wanted to have an anchor point for the internal frame and i think it's a nice touch.

    i had the timber laying around so no cost involved. ply would have worked but I would have to buy it and i find it warps. either way it's not my style... the metal box was a compromise on a traditional timber case... had to get some woodwork in it.

    i thought of having interlocking pieces that could adjusted. most likely laid out in a grid... as a compromise I used hide glue.. such that if i wanted to with some warm water the whole thing could be dismantled and rebuilt.

    the saw drawer will be tough to lay out within the metal frame. i think it will be limited to three saws. inefficient but easy to use, make, and look ok.


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