Thursday, November 8, 2012

Harold & Saxon

On February 20th 2011 at the Sturt Handtool Open Day I ordered 3 chisels from Australian company Harold & Saxon Chisels run by Trent Powrie.  Today, 629 days later, my chisels arrived. To compensate for the delay (which was for a variety of reasons) Trent included a fourth chisel.  Ultimax 1/4" & 1/2" Mortise Chisels, 1/8" & 1 1/4" Bevel Chisels. 


The chisels haven't made it to the shed yet, but as you can see they are very impressive. The handles Australian Gidgee. The blades  Cryogenically treated M2 High Speed Steel. Their performance should be among the best in the world. 

Over the next few years I hope to complete the set. 


  1. They look like they should be put in a glass display case and just looked at. If they work wood half as good as they look, you'll be a happy man.

  2. I'd say that was fair compensation for the length of time they took to make. Good job a job wasn't relying on them to be finished 600 days ago.


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