Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Lectern Project: The Post

So anyway... two years ago I started building a simple adjustable height lectern... and today while procrastinating from needed study... I did a bit more. 

The adjustable main post is made of two sections which telescope together. Each section is made of four 3/4" pieces of cedar, mitred together and re-enforced with a long spline.

The mitre was cut by machine on the jointer. The groove and the splines where hand planed. A bit of fun. 

The pieces fitted together reasonably well. A small gap along one edge which I burnished into shape with the edge of a screw driver. The twin leg vises served well to hold the piece while the glue dried.

The next step will be trim the edges and fine tune the fit with the smaller section. 

To 'lock in' the adjusted height, I'm planning a series of holes and a wooden or metal rod that slides through to lock the selected height. I'm happy for any further suggestions on this. Remember though that two microphone cables will run through the centre smaller section.


  1. Loving seeing your bench in use ;]

    - Jeremy

  2. Good to see your back in the shed Dan.


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