Monday, May 7, 2012

Jointer Blade Set Up

The Woodfast PT3100 is a very hand (and heavy) thicknesser/jointer combo. It's been out of action for a while as the blades were dulled. Newcastle Saw Works offerred quick servicing and charged $33 to sharpen the 3 12" blades. 

Three springs provide resistance for levelling the blades.

Not ideal, but a spacer (in this case a ruler) and a straight edge provided reference height to the out feed table. The trick is not to use metal on the freshly sharpened blade. I use finger pressure to push the blade down and the straightedge to hold it there.

Test piece. Highly figured Tasmanian Mrytle.

Result. Not too bad. A few small areas of tear out but hardly noticeable and probably as good as this set up could be. No areas of rippling or irregularities suggesting blade mal-alignment.

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